Parish Alvars: Scenes of my Youth

Parish Alvars, Elias: Scenes of my Youth or The Pleasures and the Sorrows of an Artist
9 Romances op. 42, 48, 56 and Gran Fantasia op. 75 (fac-simile edition)

Scenes of my Youth is the most autobiographical work of Parish Alvars.The 9 Romances opp. 42, 48, 56, dedicated to “The Lady of his Heart”, who reveals to be “My wife Melanie” in the Fantasia op. 75, recall Parish Alvars’ youth through a series of mottos. One discovers he had an unhappy love and a happy one, learn about his difficuelties when he was young and his travel. The Scenes of my Youth are collected together for the first time in this edition.

Author: Elias Parish-Alvars
Editor: Floraleda Sacchi
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: pp. 52
ISMN: 979-0-2153-2020-8

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