Elias Parish Alvars. Life, Music, Documents Annotated Catalogue of his Works for Harp, Piano, Orchestra and Voice 220 pages, including 40 pictures and reproductions of manuscripts and letters of Parish Alvars. Odilia Publishing Ltd. ISBN 3-9521367-1-9 Contents – Biography – Harp techniques – Overview of original works and arrangements – Annotated catalogue of works – […]

Perhaps because I read too many Borges’ book, I am fascinated by libraries, old books and manuscripts. There is an exclusivity and a necessity of the human soul in the fight against oblivion to which I can not escape. Elias Parish Alvars (1999-today) I have often been called the world expert of this author rightly called by Berlioz […]

A great Fantasia by Elias Parish Alvars based on themes by Italian opera. An abridged version of this work has achieved great popularity in a wonderful recording by Nicanor Zabaleta. Entitled Introduction, Cadenza and Rondo (London, Stainer & Bell, 1976), it includes only the final sections of the piece, starting at the Largo. This truncation […]

Elias Parish Alvars:  A Collection of Easy Pieces for Harp. Facsimile Edition Content: 12 Favourite Arias / Lights and Shadows / Hungarian March / Barcarola / Fantasia on Donizetti’s ‘La Fille du Régiment’ / The Plaint of a Young Girl Editor: Floraleda Sacchi Publication Date: 2012 Pages: pp. 52 ISMN: 979-0-2153-2012-3 Code: HS 196 Ut […]

Elias Parish-Alvars: Grande Fantaisie et Variations de bravoure sur des Motifs Italiens Op. 57 for Harp.  A showpiece, unfortunately today known in an abrupted version as “Introduction, Cadenza and Rondo”. In the most common edition in fact pages 1-8 are missing. This way the main theme on which the Fantasy is based does not appear.(!!!!) […]

Parish Alvars, Elias: Scenes of my Youth or The Pleasures and the Sorrows of an Artist 9 Romances op. 42, 48, 56 and Gran Fantasia op. 75 (fac-simile edition) Scenes of my Youth is the most autobiographical work of Parish Alvars.The 9 Romances opp. 42, 48, 56, dedicated to “The Lady of his Heart”, who […]

Parish Alvars, Elias: Ricordi di Napoli Serenata op. 83, Il Mandolino op. 84, Il Pappagallo op. 85, Marcia di Portici op. 87 (fac-simile edition) In December 1843-January 1844, Parish Alvars composed these pieces during a holiday in Naples with his family. This time was one of the happiest of his life. These masterpices combine perfectly the […]