Floraleda Sacchi (Harp)
Anaïs Vitali (Cello)
© 2011 Amadeus Arte AA11008

At dawn or at sunset, when the border between the luminosity and the dark get confused, it seems that every thing expresses at best its essence. With Chiaroscuro Harp I thought to the magic of these moments, when the opposites seem to meet.” Floraleda Sacchi

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1. Scherzo per sedurti
2. Indecisione (Indecision)
3. Luce dell’alba (Light of the Dawn)
4. Se Sapessi… (If you knew…)
5. Dolce Ossessione (Sweet Obsession)
6. Equilibrio sospeso (Suspended equilibrium)
7. Pelle contro pelle (Skin against skin)
8. Fuoco lento (Slow fire)
9. Vecchie fotografie (Old Photos)
10. Dama di cuori (Queen of Hearts)
11. Colline (Hills)
12. All’improvviso (Suddenly)
13. Chiaroscuro (Lightshade)
14. Dea dei Giardini (Gardens’ Goddess)


JPF Music Award: 

Chiaroscuro Harp got a nomination at 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.
Category: Instrumental Album.


”Rachmaninoff springs to mind as a composer who was equally accomplished as a performer. It makes no sense comparing his work to that of Floraleda Sacchi, of course. But the mere fact that Chiaroscuro Harp has ended up more than just a dignified composing exercise certainly does not make it seem entirely out of place either.”
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