16 July 2015. English: An evening torn off the summer heat by the freshness and professional performance of two young musicians: Harpist Floraleda Sacchi and Violinist Maristella Patuzzi. The program – full of Argentine music veiled of melancholy, but brought to life and unusually energetic thanks to an original jazzy arrangement – enchanted the square crowded with attentive spectators. Protagonists with the musicians the harp in a robe outside the box – sometimes transformed into a percussion instrument in the pure rhythmic tangos, sometimes played as in the most classical music performance with light and celestial arpeggios. The execution of the violinist was in perfect harmony – as expected by the well established duo with major performances and recordings signed by major labels including Decca – and equally engaging, with a high level of interpretation. All thanks to an elegant and sinuous musical and physical continuation of the sound that kidnapped the audience. Some passages made the air vibrate with such subtile pianissimos that spectators hold the breath. Repeated ovations ended the evening as well as some encores for the complete satisfaction of the audience.