Ottorino Respighi: Intermezzo Serenata, For Harp

Ottorino Respighi:
For Solo Harp
Arranged by Floraleda Sacchi

Intermezzo Serenata is an instrumental passage from the comic opera “Re Enzo” by Respighi.
Re Enzo was performed the first time on March 12, 1905 in Bologna at Teatro del Corso. As desired by Respighi the opera was performed only once even if it was a success.
The story tells of Enzo, King of Sardinia, captured and imprisoned in Bologna after his defeat in battle. As King Enzo is really a handsome man, all women in Bologna fall in love with him and try to help him to flee. On the contrary all the men in Bologna are worried to loose the love of their wives…

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