A CD dedicated to the minimalistic and intense music by Peter Machajdik.
© 2011 Amadeus Arte, Cat. No. AAP11003

Floraleda Sacchi (Harp), Piero Salvatori (Cello), Peter Machajdik (Electronics).

This CD is part of Portraits’ Collection


1. She will be picked by herself
2. In Situ: 1. The forest woke up in your memory
3. In Situ: 2. The Bark of Touch
4. In Situ: 3. On a hidden waterfall
5. In Situ: 4. Roots
6. In Situ: 5. The breath of the branches
7. In Situ: 6. The abandoned water wells
8. In Situ: 7. Silently growing
9. In Situ: 8. In the pupation
10. In Situ: 9. Inside the tree
11. On a Misty Horizon
12. Nell’autunno del suo abbraccio insonne

She will be picked by herself:
Originally composed for piano and arranged for Harp in 2010. The theme is a traditional Slovak song with variations.

In Situ: 
A piece written in 2010 for Cello, Piano and Harp and performed for the first time by Peter Machajdik, Piero Salvatori and Floraleda Sacchi at LakeComo Festival on September 3, 2010. The version for Cello and Harp was realesed in Autumn 2010 for this release. Electronics by Peter Machajdik are the same as the one used for the trio version.


The forest woke up in your memory
The Bark of Touch
On a hidden waterfall
Roots – electronics
The breath of the branches
The abandoned water wells
Silently growing – electronics
In the pupation
Inside the tree

On a Misty Horizon: 
Originally composed for Flute and Harp and arranged by Machajdik for Cello and Harp for this release in 2011.

Nell’autunno del suo abbraccio insonne: 
Composed for and dedicated to Floraleda Sacchi in 2004. A great new piece of Harp repertoire.

Machajdik often chooses to compose his works in solitary places.
His compositions draw on several sources of inspiration, especially from the polyphony and modal harmonies of early music. In recent years Machajdik’s works have been typified by both economy of material and stringency of method, thereby demonstrating that what may be simple musical language can nevertheless be powerful. Also elements such as controlled use of dissonance, sustained sonorities, inconspicuous melodic motion and frequent use of minor tonalities apply to Machajdík´s compositional style. Most of his compositions have a meditative character.