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Namah. Music by Peter Machajdik


 © 2008 Musica Slovaka

Track list:

01. She Will Be Picked by Herself
02. Namah
03. Nell autunno del suo abbraccio insonne (Floraleda Sacchi – Harp)
04. Sadness Of Flowing
05. To the Rainbow so Close Again
06. Painting
07. Obscured Temptations
08. Water Forgives
09. Lullaby
10. 05.12.07

Floraleda Sacchi – harp
Jon Anderson – vocal
Guido Arbonelli – bass clarinet
Mayuko Kida Takine – piano
Eniko Ginzery – cimbalom
Dominik Melicharek – oboe
Zuzana Uskovicova – violin
Icarus Quartet
David Moss – voice, drums, electronics
Jan Poschl Youth String Orchestra
Julie Hanson Geist – soprano
Darry Dolezal – cello
Daniel Garel – piano
Jozef Luptak – cello

The album, entitled NAMAH [SF 00542131] includes works such as Nell’autunno del suo abbraccio insonne, Namah, Water forgivess, Again so close to the Rainbow, Obscured Temptations, She will be picked by herself as well as a five minute homage to the avant-garde composer and pioneer of electronic music Karlheinz Stockhausen, who passed away last December. Included among the interpreters are the singer Jon Anderson from the legendary progressive rock band Yes, clarinet virtuoso Guido Arbonelli, winner of twelve international interpreter’s competitions, extreme vocalist & drummer David Moss, who ranks as godfather of noise music, harp wiz Floraleda Sacchi, cimbalom player Eniko Ginzery and other excellent musicians.

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Ibert: Don Quichotte
Debussy: Prelude l’apres-midi d’un faune
Ravel: Don Quichotte Dulcinee

Allegro Ensemble: Chamber Music. Sonia Formenti (flute), Fabio Rizzi (oboe), Michele Naglieri (clarinet), Floraleda Sacchi (harp), Simone Rossetti (violin), Micol Vitali (violin), Claudia Brancaccio (viola), Anais Vitali (cello), Mauro Bravi (double-bass).

© 2002 Stradivarius


The immanent Velvet

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