Floraleda plays the meancholic and magical music by the winner of Latin Grammy  2014 Claudia Montero.
© 2011 Amadeus Arte

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Incensum was written for Harpsichord and then arranged for Harp in 2010.
The style is minimal and the idea is about a woman who is making an invocation to get the love.
It’s very atmospheric: it starts with an Invocation and then follow a section where something like strange creatures dance.
The enchantment goes on and in the last: the magic.

Evocaciones for Harp was written in May 2010 for Floraleda Sacchi. The piece is composed of three movements: it is simple, but deeply emotional and linked to my original land (Argentina) and my city (Buenos Aires). So this is the idea of it: evocations of my city.
Evocaciones No. 1 (En algún lugar de Plaza Francia) is inspired from a very nice place in Buenos Aires called Plaza Francia and for this reason one can find the sonorities of French music in it. I liked to stand and walk in Plaza Francia especially at the end of the day.
Evocaciones No. 2 (Buenos Aires bajo lluvia) is romantic and depicts the city in the night, when it seems crying under the rain. Have you ever been in Buenos Aires? It is a melancholic city. This movement add to this melancholy my longing for Buenos Aires as now I am living far away.
Evocaciones No. 3 (Buenos Aires despierta) sounds in tango style. It is the most complicated and fast part of the piece. The idea is representing Buenos Aires awakening early morning and people running to their jobs.

Claudia Montero


Recorded and mixed in Como by Filadelfo Castro.
Floraleda Sacchi plays Lyon Healy Harp, Style 30 No. 16516 (Chicago, USA).
Produced by Amadeus Arte

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