Music by Astor Piazzolla All arrangements by Floraleda Sacchi © 2015 DECCA 481 1489 Sesto disco Universal Music per Floraleda e debutto per Maristella che vedranno uscire il loro progetto “Intimamente Tango” con marchio DECCA. Il CD presenta un tango dai caratteri inconsueti, poetici ed intimi – in cui malinconia, speranza e sensualità si fondono armonicamente. Le […]

Il palco è buio, ma sul fondo, illuminata da una luce quasi irreale e onirica, suona l’arpa di Floraleda Sacchi, che accompagna le parole dell’attrice. Non è del tutto corretto parlare di monologo: si tratta di un dialogo tra parole e musica. Quando le corde dell’arpa vengono pizzicate dalla musicista lo spettatore sente toccare le […]

Falling in Love “My approach to a relatively unusual instrument as the Harp happened by chance, as often happens when one falls in love at first sight, but cannot explain why. Some facts, however, favored this: a vinyl I had at home as a child, a cartoon in which was represented a harpist, a few […]

Few things are exciting as the encounter with new pieces of music, born in collaboration with a composer or performed for the first time (and therefore without the existence of a previously defined idea of them for the musician as well as for the audience). I think it’s one of the greatest magic of music that […]

Perhaps because I read too many Borges’ book, I am fascinated by libraries, old books and manuscripts. There is an exclusivity and a necessity of the human soul in the fight against oblivion to which I can not escape. Elias Parish Alvars (1999-today) I have often been called the world expert of this author rightly called by Berlioz […]

It’s fundamental for me to play the music I love. It happens, I love music not written for Harp. Often I find among these pieces, passages I feel perfect for my instrument. Sometimes it is just the question to put this music on the stand, add some fingerings and play it without changing anything. Other times it’s […]

Kojiki for harp and strings by Manuel de Sica. 2014 Brilliant Classics I. Prelude 4’38 II. Epitaph 7’08 III. Dance 2’25 14’18” Floraleda Sacchi (Harp) Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini Kojiki: The titles translates ‘News form ancient times’. This is a short symphonic poem inspired by the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941. The story told regards the childhood, adolescence, […]

Flora, a creature of another dimension who has stolen all the music of the world to play it in a new way, with curiosity and ability. (Acid Jazz)

A new album out featuring Floraleda with Antonella Ruggiero (Voice) and Piero Salvatori (Cello) Music by Cristian Carrara © 2013 Amadeus Arte AA13001 This CD is part of Portraits’ Collection