Philip Glass: Metamorphosis


A minimal and intense CD dedicated to Philip Glass’ music.

Floraleda Sacchi (Harp)


  1. Opening
  2. The Candyman: Helen’s Theme Cue1
  3. The Candyman: Helen’s Theme Cue2
  4. The Candyman: Helen’s Theme Cue3
  5. Metamorphosis One
  6. Metamorphosis Two
  7. Metamorphosis Three
  8. Metamorphosis Four
  9. Metamorphosis Five
  10. Modern Love Waltz
  11. The Hours: Why does someone have to die?
  12. Trilogy Sonata: Knee Play 4 from Einstein on the Beach
  13. Trilogy Sonata: Sathyagraha, Act II Scene III of Sathyagraha
  14. Trilogy Sonata: Dance from Aknathen
  15. Closing + Truman Sleeps from Glasswork and Truman’s Show